[Week 9] Project Discussions

This week will be looking at your projects to see how far you’ve come and what you have left. You should have a working demo!

You should fill out the rubric again, this time only with things you have done.

Project Rubric

  1. Game Title

  2. Overall game goal
    • What is the player trying to accomplish
  3. Objects that exist in the game
    • List all objects that you want to use

    • List all objects currently implemented

    • For each object, identify the common parts and specialized parts
      • Specify which properties are inherited and which are new
    • For each object, describe when it is drawn (it can be always drawn or conditionally drawn)

  4. Interaction
    • What interaction will the user have?
    • Specifically, what keys will be used and what effect will they have
  5. What is the minimal set of things you need to have to have your game working?

  6. List three 1-step additions you could make
    • It has to add only 1 additional piece of complexity